Another Dream

Client: Ado Ato [2018/2019]

An animated VR documentary that tells the story of how two LGBT refuges escaped Egypt and found their way to The Netherlands. Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

I joined the project after most of the artwork for the project was already complete and set up in Unity. My initial task was to optimize and polish everything that was already there: shorten loading times between scenes, ensure everything plays at a consistent framerate, and in general make sure the technology didn’t get in the way of the experience.

There were opportunities to get creative along the way as well. I helped bring an additional level of polish to the look and feel of many of the scenes; reworking the lighting of some scenes, designing extra visual effects, and so on. I was also responsible for helping to build up the opening scene from scratch, which is where I got my creative coding on.

Another Dream was a finalist for a Games for Change award and a Dutch Golden Calf.

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Eden’s Adventure

Client: Abner Preis [2019]

Made for the Cinekid festival, Abner Preis’ work tells the story of Eden, a young girl who travels through time to visit important people in humanity’s exciting history. For homework assignments, and cool selfies.

A moment from the underwater scene

Abner’s chosen style is very punk, allowing him to work quickly. Using Tilt Brush he created multiple scenes, which I then brought into the Unity engine through a suite of custom tools, and prepared for real-time viewing and animation. I also did a bunch of fun binaurally spatialized sound design for this one.

Eden’s Adventure has won the Golden Lion jury award at the Cinekid MediaLab.

Volo Airsport

Commercial videogame [2010/2017]

Trailer for v3.7

Volo is the base-jumping simulator I had wanted to play ever since experiencing SSX snowboarding as a child, learning about skydiving, and wondering why no-one had made something like this. It features:

  • Full aerodynamic simulation of your character’s body, wingsuit and parachute
  • Intricate control scheme with lots of depth that will take you a long time to master
  • Multiple challenges
  • Custom parachute and parafoil designer
  • Virtual reality support

This game is where I learned the ropes of game development, getting knee-deep into programming of physics, graphics, gameplay systems; procedural landscape generation, animation, modeling, you name it. It got me hooked on the science of aerodynamics and other physical processes, and the mathematics used to describe it.

Released on: Steam, Humble,


The Aurora Wager

NerdCubed plays The Aurora Wager

The game is about you (Jebe), your buddy Frits, your nemesis Frederik, and your wager to see who can make it to the North Pole first! By hot air balloon, of course. You will have to master navigating the airways, and explore the world to find the means to venture ever further.

Released on:

The Aurora Wager was originally created for the 7DRL Jam in 2013. In a surprise twist, the little game caught on big time, and has since been downloaded about a million times. Some day we hope to give this game the love it deserves.


Open Source Projects

Be sure to check out my open source projects, too! There’s raytracing, a Unity modding framework, and more.

Software rasterizer written in Rust
Locality-sensitive hashing algorithm visualization
Rigging a low-poly dog for animation
Wave function solutions using Bezier polynomials